Landscape Design

Plan your work. Work your Plan. Let us bring your dream outdoor living space to life. Every project is unique to each client and so our approach to each one depends on budget, size of space, features, entertaining lifestyles, and HOA/City guidelines. Developing the most functional yet beautiful Landscape Plan takes time, vision, creativity, thought, and research. That is where we come in – let us create your dream outdoor living space. Landscape Plans will vary based on size, features, and details required by the HOA.

Pools and Spas

These are major features of any Landscape. It is so important for the Pool and Spa to tie into and compliment the rest of the Landscape. Developing the right shape, size, placement and finishes are essential… it is in the details.

Masonry and Hardscape

Whether Structural or just for Beauty. Gain space with Retaining Walls. Create dimension with Planter Walls. Add beauty with Water Features. Create gathering spaces with Outdoor Kitchen/BBQ’s and Fire Features. Choose what’s best for your home and don’t be limited to just one type of hardscape. We provide all of our clients with the best hardscape options available which includes Pavers, Concrete, Stone, and Tile.

Patio Covers

Great for dealing with the elements (sun and rain) … or maybe you are looking for an Outdoor Living Room. They can define spaces as well as add beauty. Patio Covers can be created with Wood, Steel, and Aluminum. They can be fully covered with a roof or can allow filtered light to come through with a pergola or shade sail.

Planting and Irrigation

We like to say this is the “Icing on the Cake”. It’s not as easy as just digging a hole and just sticking the plant in the hole. There is so much that go into it. From digging the right size hole, to using the correct soil that is best for the plant (using vitamin tablets for certain plants), to properly irrigating each plant, and to using the best options for weed control around the plants. The right plants will add texture and color while softening up your Landscape.


Lighting is so key, and it is often overlooked. Proper placement, the right angles, the correct brightness, nighttime adjustments, and the right eye will create an ambience that will draw everyone outside during the night. Let us Enhance your evening with professional lighting.

Your staycation renovation is waiting.